Book Review on the Ijero Municipal Agenda


Ijero-Ekiti is the land of our birth and pride, our own Jerusalem here on earth. It is a great town that is founded on the democratic opinion of our ancestors – and this is why I was inspired to TELL IJEROISM to reminisced us about “Ajoro”; the mutual thoughts on which our community development was founded to build a greater society in the 21st century and achieve the Ijero Municipal Agenda with our collaboration for the good of our community.

We were politically marginalized in the past decades because we were silent. This time must be different, I am writing this booklet to let you know that we had a glorious past and we are looking forward to a greater future. I have contributed this piece in a concise way to let us discuss redeeming our communities!

The booklet, IJERO MUNICIPAL AGENDA: Thoughts on Redeeming our Communities is NOW on SALE as a gift for all the friends of Ijero-Ekiti and Ekiti communities with the creation of the new two Local Council Development Areas (LCDAS) from the old Ijero Local Government Area, Ekiti State of Nigeria now has 16 LGAs and 19 LCDAs.


About the Book

Ijero Municipal AgendaIJERO MUNICIPAL AGENDA: Thoughts on Redeeming our Ekiti Communities

Femi Alufa has written a booklet, IJERO MUNICIPAL AGENDA, that is filled with history, insight, persuasive argument, and clear-headed ideas aimed at ending the problems that plague the old Ijero District of Ekiti State of Nigeria.

He presents intelligent and concise thoughts about where we come from, where we are, and where we’re going to achieve a grassroots democracy and development in Ijero-Ekiti and indeed Ekiti communities.

What made the Ijero Kingdom of the old Ekiti confederacy great in the first place? Why are we now demanding the creation of Ijero Municipality from the existing Ijero Local Government Council of Ekiti State of Nigeria? Why is the delineation of Ijero Constituency being germane now? How can we achieve Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)for our Ekiti Communities?.

In Ijero Municipal Agenda, Femi Alufa helps us learn from our past in order to chart a better course for our future.

From his debut book, TELL IJEROISM: The Reminiscences of the Ajoro to his political manifesto booklet THE NEW COVENANT OF HOPE: Blueprint for Ekiti Constituency Development, Femi Alufa shares experiential insights that help us understand: … what is good about Ijero- Ekiti Communities… where we have gone astray … which fundamental beliefs have guided the Ijero Kingdom from her founding into grandeur among the comity of towns.

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