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Continuity of Good Policies Will Stop Development Decline in Ekiti – Olatunbosun


The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Mr Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji has been described as the symbol of the continuity of good governance, policies and policies that will take Ekiti State to a higher pedestal of development.

The Director of Media and Publicity, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji Campaign Organisation, Chief Taiwo Olatunbosun, urged the electorate to use their votes to keep the APC in power to sustain the pace of development being witnessed under the leadership of Governor Kayode Fayemi which has been widely acknowledged as laudable and unprecedented.

Speaking as a guest on a radio programme, “BAO Moving Train,” monitored in Ado Ekiti, Olatunbosun said the APC has given the people of the state a home-grown and home-based candidate who is blessed with a rich vein of experience that candidates in other rival parties cannot boast of and an administrator who understands the state like the palms of his hands.

Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji

Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate,

Olatunbosun explained that Oyebanji has come up with an all-encompassing and carefully designed manifesto that touches the needs of the people and developed to sustain and build on the laudable legacies of the Fayemi Administration and to develop the wealth of Ekiti for the benefit of its people in all the key sectors.

Extolling the virtues of Oyebanji as the right man for the state’s top job in the next dispensation, Olatunbosun described the APC standard bearer as brilliant, humble, wise, knowledgeable, selfless, compassionate and irrevocably committed to the cause of Ekiti development which he had done from his very youthful age.

The former Deputy Speaker said the incumbent Governor has worked hard to lift Ekiti from the status of a backwater state to a haven of investment, development and good governance being enjoyed in all nooks and crannies saying the June 18 election should serve as a referendum for continuity of good governance under an Oyebanji Administration.

According to him, political instability brought about by changing parties in power has constituted a stumbling block to the sustainable development of Ekiti State urging the electorate to break the jinx this time around by electing Oyebanji to implement the next phase of development has been a key player in the three progressive administrations in the state.

He stressed that electing Oyebanji as the next Governor will not only ensure the continuity of laudable policies, programmes and projects being witnessed in the state, but it will also stop the retrogression of Ekiti and the arrest of its development.

Olatunbosun, who is also a former Commissioner for Information in the state, identified construction of intrastate roads and farmstead roads, establishment of agricultural processing and industrial zones, the attraction of quality investment to the state, empowerment of artisans and small scale businesses and sustenance of the newly created local council development areas as worthy legacies that must be allowed to continue with the retention of an APC government in power.

He said: “For the first time in Ekiti State, let us elect a government of the same party to entrench full development. I am talking about continuing with a party that has changed the face of the state, spread development to all nooks and crannies and brought governance nearer to the people with quality projects in all communities.

“Our governor has established a 30-year development plan, we need somebody who understands the master plan, who knows how the state was created and who will continue with the vision. It is not good to bring somebody who will disrupt the implementation and set the state back again. That is why we need somebody like BAO to continue with the vision.

“Oyebanji has acquired experience with his association with Obas, eminent scholars, political leaders with whom he fought for the creation of our state, the elite, farmers and market women whom he interacts with daily. Ekiti people need continuity so that our pace of development will not suffer a setback. They are impressed with the progress made by the JKF Administration and we need to sustain this for the benefit of our people.

“We don’t want somebody to take our wealth away; what BAO is saying is that local artisans and contractors will be patronised. There is a law to that effect by the current (Fayemi) Administration that there must be local content in all projects being executed so that our wealth will circulate within and our people will become employers of labour and BAO will continue with this.

“We don’t want somebody that will cancel our LCDAs, they have brought government nearer to the people and they have created jobs for the people in the local government system. We used to have 16 DAs (Directors of Administration) before, we now have 35 and more career progression for the staff.

“Road projects are being executed in the grassroots, rural farm settlement roads are being constructed in collaboration with the World Bank, all these must continue and if BAO is elected, they will continue and he has been discussing with the World Bank for their continuity.

“We have special agric zones already created, industrial zones already created and need to be expanded. What of more investment to the state? Don’t forget, that Oyebanji is an investor in the state, giving our people access to loans and empowerment. All these must continue for the good of our people.

“Ekiti is not going back to the era of holding meetings with labour unions and workers before salaries are paid, Ekiti is not going back to combining two allocations to pay one month’s salary. I plead with all Ekiti people, let us test continuity for the first time.

“BAO has promised not to disappoint, he is compassionate and knowledgeable to continue with the good legacies of the JKF Administration. He is one of us, he was born here, he schooled here, he married here and he worked here and that is why he is called ‘Tiwantiwa.’ he plans to make life easier for all Ekiti people and for the wealth and prosperity of Ekiti to spread to everybody living and working in Ekiti.”

Olatunbosun added that the APC is focused on winning the governorship election as aspirants who contested with Oyebanji for the governorship ticket are working together to ensure victory for the party.

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