Olawale Fapohunda

Governor Fayemi Signs 6 Bills into Law, Fapohunda to Chair LCDA Implementation Committee


In a move to formalize the institutional delivery of the 19 Local Councils Development Areas (LCDAs) in Ekiti State, the State Executive Council has constituted a Committee on the Implementation of LCDAs, which will be chaired by the state’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Olawale Fapohunda.

This announcement was made today by the state governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi on the occasion of the signing into law of six Bills passed by the state’s House of Assembly.

According to the governor, the decision to revive the creation of LCDAs was not taken lightly. “Aside from concerns about funding, there are many who have questioned the desire of our people for LCDAs, citing the manner in which the previous administration abandoned the idea with little protests from the beneficiary communities.

“I am of the firm opinion that the creation of LCDAs is necessary and important to the socio-economic and political development of Ekiti State. While I recognize the concern about sustainable funding, it is my view that given the efficiency with which we have managed state resources thus far, we will be suitably positioned to lay a solid foundation for the take-off of the LCDA.

“What is important at this moment is that the beneficiary communities of the 19 newly created LCDAs work with government to ensure that we make a success of this initiative,” Fayemi said.

He further stated that achieving the efficient functioning of the LCDAs could not be the exclusive responsibility of government, as beneficiary communities must see themselves as active partners in the development of the LCDAS.

“After signing this into law, the next stage is to formalize the institutional delivery of the 19 LCDAS. The State Executive Council constituted a Committee on the Implementation of LCDAs with the following members: The Honourable Attorney- General & Commissioner for Justice (Chairman).

“Honourable Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development; Honourable Commissioner for Women Affairs & Social Development; Honourable Commissioner for Local Government Affair, DG Office of Transformation, Strategy and Delivery; Chairman ALGON, Ekiti State and Chairman, Local Government Service Commission,” he added.

The committee, according to the governor, will continue to oversee the process for the establishment of the LCDAs.

Governor Fayemi, however, signed the following bills to law at his office in Ado-Ekiti today; Financial autonomy for Judiciary 2021, Financial autonomy for Legislature 2021, Consumer Protection 2021, Economic Development Council 2021, Creation of additional local Council Development Areas 2021 and the Attorney General’s Office 2021.

He also acknowledged the constructive partnership between the three arms of government which, according to him, led to the enactment of these laws.

Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi signed the following bills into law;

  1. Financial autonomy for Judiciary 2021
  2. Financial autonomy for Legislature 2021
  3. Consumer Protection 2021
  4. Economic Development Council 2021
  5. Creation of additional local Council Development Areas 2021
  6. Attorney General’s Office 2021.

Kayegbo: Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State says “I was pleased to sign into law six bills that affirm the commitment of my administration to good governance, transparency, fair and equal opportunity for development by all communities in our state.

The Ekiti State Legislative (Fund Management) Bill and the Judiciary (Fund Management) Bill respectively provide for the self-management of funds by the State Legislature and the Judiciary.

The Creation of Local Government Areas (Amendment) Bill will deepen the existing relationship between government and our people as well as ensure the rapid development of all our communities through the creation of additional 19 LCDAs in Ekiti State.

The office of the Attorney General’s Bill will ensure that our interventions in the justice sector are preserved and that successive governments build on what we have achieved on improving access to justice so far.

The Consumer Protection Bill will promote and protect the rights of consumers in Ekiti State. This law provides a framework for aggrieved citizens to seek redress against unfair trade practices and unscrupulous exploitation of consumers.

The Economic Development Council Bill seeks to facilitate economic growth, development partnerships between the public, private and international sectors, and the business competitiveness of Ekiti State by establishing the Economic Development Council.

I commend members of our House of Assembly for painstakingly making tangible laws, and it is my prayer that the purpose for which these laws were enacted will be met to the glory of God and for the benefit of the people of Ekiti State.”

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