Wunmi Olubunmi Ogunlola

Group Demand the Declaration of Hon. Ogunlola (WOO) as Winner


A socio-political group in Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2 of Ijero, Ekiti West and Efon LGAs of Ekiti State southwest of Nigeria known as “I Represent Wunmi Olubunmi Ogunlola (#iRepWOO) has called the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to declare Honourable Wunmi Olubunmi Ogunlola (WOO) as the winner of the House of Representatives primaries held at Rosa Flora Hotel, Aramoko-Ekiti on Friday, May 28.

#iRepWOO is in support of the candidature of Honourable Ogunlola, the incumbent member of the Federal House of Representatives, Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2 who polled the highest votes of 95 of the total 165 votes of the delegates at the Primaries before it was aborted when one Mr Femi Awe, the agent of another House of Representatives Aspirant and former Chief of Staff to the Ekiti State Governor, Honourable Biodun Omoleye who scored only seven votes disrupted the proceedings.

Wunmi Olubunmi Ogunlola

The wounded Returning Officer popularly known as Buga after the House of Representatives Primaries held at Rosa Flora Hotel, Aramoko-Ekiti on Friday, May 28.

The group convener of #iRepWOO 2023, Mr Femi Alufa said in a press briefing at Ijero-Ekiti, on the evening of Tuesday, May, 31 reeled out the group’s declaration of support for Honourable Wunmi Ogunlola.

“The Primary Election in Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2 was free and fair until it was dismantled by the agent of Honourable Biodun Omoleye about ten minutes after he left the venue of the Election Centre. We demand therefore that the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State announce Honourable Ogunlola who is the winner of the annulled election in the interest of peace, gender equality and Internal democracy in our great party,” Alufa said.

The #iRepWOO convener said, “Honourable Wunmi Ogunlola is a great representative of her Constituency with her superlative achievements which should be given an automatic ticket without any rancour if the wishes of the people prevail as she beat all her candidates at the primary which shows that she is really on the ground. It will be a travesty of justice and parody of Democracy if the wishes of the people are not respected.”

Alufa further said, “Honourable Ogunlola will sustain her 3 Cardinal Points of the W-O-O Agenda of Wellbeing of the People (Welfarism), Open Door Policy (Open Legislature) and Outstanding Representation (Optimum Representation) if given the second term ticket.”

“Honourable Ogunlola has done nobly as a representative of the people, her good work is speaking for her even on the street by members of all political parties, APC, PDP, SDP and even people who are apolitical are saying well of her. One good turn must deserve another”.

Mr Johnson Ola Folarin, one of the silent admirers of Honourable Ogunlola said, “The reward for a good job is to send this woman to have a second taste of that position so that posterity can judge well. Any attempted attempt to replace #WOO with any spent politician will be counter-productive. I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me either but her honest drive towards politics is indeed showing her to the entire world by extension, therefore, the world is waiting to see the drama anybody wants to perform with that woman.”

Folarin further said, “I’m not from her Constituency but she has opened electorates’ eyes, far and near, to the fact that those representing them can do better than the usual “sagbalojuyoyo” works most Ekiti Politicians do around to con their unsuspecting Constituents, alas, oju ti la… People can’t be deceived again!”

There were protests against the outcome of the cancelled primaries of the House of Representatives (Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in some parts of the Federal Constituency in the last three days from Sunday to Tuesday as a result of the attempt of the leadership of APC in Ekiti State “Siddon mere looker” syndrome of the primary Election exercise that was cancelled and there was no re-run election to call the Aspirants back to the field.

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