Ipesi Drums

Happy Urelu Festival in Ijero-Ekiti


The Urelu Festival marks the bringing down of the Ipesi Drums, it’s a night which preludes to the main Ijero Ogun Festival. The descending of the Ipesi Drums is a tradition which has been in existence since the foundation of the Festival and it is being performed annually.

The festival is also an occasion to celebrate Ajero Alaworo alias Ekun Ogun in English translation means, “the Brave Tiger of the god of Iron”. He reigned as the traditional monarch of the Ijero Kingdom from 1409-1422 A.D.

The Urelu Festival is celebrated jointly by the Asosanyin and Saloro families and their Chief priests of Ijero-Ekiti, Ekiti State southwest Nigeria.

The Ogun Festival, which is the most famous festival in Ijero Ekiti is incomplete without the Ilu Ipesi, which is the most important drum in the Ijero Kingdom and the drum will be put down 6 days before Ogun Festival.

The Urelu Festival has become an interactive activity where visitors from home and abroad with multi-cultural entertainers team up during the celebration to put up shows for the one-week celebration.

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