Peace Day: Better for an Equitable and Peaceful World


#COVID19 Pandemic has caused the world havoc more than any diseases in human history and myriad men and women, children and adults alike loss their lives to this biological war in the last two years but we are recovering better hence the Theme of this Year 2021 United Nations International Peace Day on #21September is “RECOVERING BETTER FOR AN EQUITABLE & SUSTAINABLE WORLD”.

At #EkitiPeaceDay, we also see the issue of Insecurity and Insurgency in Nigeria as a threat to our nationhood and human existence. Bandits and Kidnappers have no respect for the sanctity of human lives.

Aare Afe Babalola, our modern Fabunmi of Ekiti Parapo is a Peace Time Hero and Ekiti Peace Day Man of the Millennium who has provided a fillip for the National Peace Summit to solve this open sore of our modern Nigeria.

We need to curb Insecurity and Insurgency in Yorubaland and especially in Ekiti State in particular. Our ancestors fought the longest civil war in human history and won the war of Kiriji. History is our Manifesto to win the war of our modern times as the descents of the Ekiti Parapo Warriors.

Join us at #EkitiPeaceDay on #21September at Afe Babalola Gardens, Okemesi-Ekiti as we are building peace dialogue architecture to sustain peace and security of lives in our communities.

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