World Heritage Site, My Ijero-Ekiti Dream – Femi Alufa


It’s going to be a fun time this weekend at the native land while the Festivities are in the air. Ijero-Ekiti is a culturally exciting place to study history, culture and democracy.

It is the land of fascinating cultural festivals…

Ijero is the capital of the primordial Ijero Kingdom, one of the 16 defunct Ekiti Confederate Kingdoms of old; where local, regional and Yoruba national history overlap with African and international history.

Welcome to Ijero metropolitan in Ijero Kingdom of Ekiti State of NIGERIA, this August where we have a unique mix of exceptional festivals, heritage and living cultural icons; His Royal Majesty, Joseph Adebayo Adewole, The Owa Ajero of Ijero Kingdom, Queen Abokoaye, Asosanyin, Odofin Ilukuno, Alugbedu Oke Oro and cultural resources like Ako Egungun (Chief masquerade), hundreds of Osun Ogilo masquerades and cultural heritage sites like; Igbo Alaworo, Ulesanyin, Para O’odua, Ule Asosanyin, Owa Ajero Palace and other places of cultural tourism destinations.

Ijero Ekiti is a world-class cultural city with a proud tradition of fascinating cultural festivals going back to the 15th century since the reigns of Ajero Alaworo (alias Ekun Ogun).

We have a solid foundation to which to build Ekiti State culture and tourism to the world.

My dream for Ijero-Ekiti is to become one of the UNESCO world heritage in the future for its fascinating festivals throughout the year and other cultural ambient scenes.

I am very proud of my Ijero native land; I would like you to be proud of our community development. We need to redeem our community in all spheres of social, political, economic and even cultural development to take its place in the 21st-century world.

We want the brightest and the best of all Omo Olojijero to come home and raise a hand of development to build our heritage; our own Jerusalem here on earth.

Ijero Cultural Festival is also a period for family and friend reunions, we are celebrating and not worshipping the local “god” here.

Ijero means Ajoro (a land of mutual understanding) where we want people from all over the world to join our diverse and symbiotic community.

I look forward to welcoming you here and coming and experiencing and enjoying our Annual August Cultural Festival in one of Africa’s most vibrant and culture-friendly cities.

Culture is a way of life; we have to project the positive effect of our cultural heritage to wider society. As natives and sojourners, friends and lovers of Ijero-Ekiti.

Let us continue to make Ijero an array of vibrant art and cultural destinations and become one of the biggest names in historical, modern and contemporary cities in the world known as a premier destination of choice for its stunning festivals, charming architecture and green scenery.

Beyond the cultural festivals… The Ijero Kingdom is crying for development: Ijero Local Government Area with its great population has only one State Constituency at the Ekiti State of Assembly, Ijero Township deserves a municipal local council development area(LCDA) or autonomous local government council; the level of poverty and underdevelopment is an uncomfortable truth in Nigeria today and we all have a share of the poverty trap.

Nigeria is now a haven of insecurity; ultra-violence and even infinitesimal terrorism. This is not good news as we live with precarious peace in our nation today and we must not treat it with kids’ gloved hands.

Our political and religious leaders must remember their callings to take our country to the path of greatness and a blessed nation to make it better for the citizens.

The examples of Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and other great leaders throughout the pages of history show us how moral courage and political deftness can be used for attaining a peaceful transition to a nation’s democracy and development. It also offers a beacon of inspiration and guidance for our own generation. We must all commit to our nation’s greatness as active citizens of our beloved communities.

Perseverance is the key; Dreaming alone cannot achieve it, and passion alone cannot do it. We must commit to building the communities that we love and are proud of and adopt a plan of action as individuals and organisations in our combined efforts and symbiotic opinion to promote sustainable development goals in our communities, United Nations alone cannot do it! We must make a personal commitment to building our community and its heritage.

This is how history will be kind to us and future generations will say of our generation that we worked together to build a better community.

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